Friday, December 05, 2008

chances are...?

last night the entire team who worked on the project that just ended went out for dinner and drinks. it was a pretty fun time where we all just sat around, ate, drank and had some good laughs.

as the night wore on, the team dwindled to the few of us who were more erm... alcoholic? it was basically cutie aussie colleague, cute aussie guy of the namecard giving (who i absolutely love when he's tipsy), the new brit guy (who has a penchance to twirl all the girls on the dancefloor), the new brit female PA, the boss lady (btw did i mention that i totally love her 'coz she's uber cool and awesome), another female colleague and me.

at one point we got to discussing the "relationship" between cutie aussie colleague and the pro athlete. and i have to say that i felt almost validated in my opinion when my female colleague told cutie aussie colleague straight up (in the nicest way possible) that he reminded her of a cute puppy dog... who was being strung along. cutie aussie colleague responded with puppy dog eyes.

honestly i do still like him. he possesses quite a few characteristics that i deem as attractive and what i want in a man. i mean i really do think that he's a great guy. it's just that somehow as realist as he claims he is, he's still allowing himself to be strung along by the pro athlete. i'm not saying that she's not nice or gorgeous 'coz she is. but she also knows that the guys just fall all over her and she can get anyone she wants. for that matter, so can cutie aussie colleague. he created quite a stir during the event where everyone was asking who was that hot guy. but you never get that feeling that he knows it or uses it to his favor which is even more attractive.

so yes, i do still like him. but in some ways, i myself am a realist too. and the reality is that he's flying back home tomorrow and i probably won't get to spend any extended time with him on work projects for at least 6 months. i mean honestly what chance do i have?


i emailed doc yesterday. a short, simple, friendly email. he hasn't responded.

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