Tuesday, December 09, 2008

fare thee well

on thursday night we talked bout heading out to party to bid cutie aussie colleague farewell. somehow i decided to text him on friday night asking if that plan still stood. he replied that cute aussie guy of the namecard giving was cooking dinner at his place (where incidentally cutie aussie colleague was staying anyway) and he graciously invited me to join 'em.

when i arrived, the new brit guy and cute aussie guy of the namecard giving's girlfriend (then again i think she lives with her boyfriend) were already there. i took an empty seat next to cutie aussie colleague at the dinner table and he scooped out a bowl of chilli mussels for me.

it turned out to be a lotta fun. dinner was great and there was wine, dessert and plenty of awesome conversation. it made me realise that while sometimes i love the partying, i also really love to just stay in and chill with "friends" (i haven't quite figured out yet if we're all colleagues or friends). i think so far i do get along with 'em and hopefully things will progress to a point where we're actually friends though sometimes that can be hard.

when it was time to go, cutie aussie colleague and i shared a nice long hug as i bid him farewell. i'll probably see him for a week in early march when he comes back to help out briefly on the next project i'll be doing. and then he will be jetting off to another country for that big scary project while my plans are still up in the air but looks like i might be heading off to another place for bout a month or so to help out in another project. and then it's anyone's guess what happens next.

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At 9:03 AM, Blogger Jade said...

I love to just stay in and chill too. I also get the complications of seeing colleagues outside of work. See my latest post ;)


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