Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gosh i feel old

i've only been 30 for bout a month but it's strange how i've started magically thinking that people in their 20s are young. or perhaps it's just those people who behave immaturely 'coz in my defense, i was never actually that young before.

it must be some version of the same for those in their 40s... when they see 30-somethings.

the angel is in her 40s and divorced. i met her a few years ago through the ungirly hottie. she would sometimes come along to party with my (now ex) party girl, the yummy mommy and the ungirly hottie. it was only earlier in the year that i got "closer" to her.

on saturday the ungirly hottie, the angel and i caught up for dinner. it was a nice dinner filled with laughter and conversation bout girly things and some other just plain strange things. there are times when i really do miss just hanging out with the girls on the weekends.

the ungirly hottie was really tired from a trying few weeks at work, pleaded exhaustion and headed home. since it was a rare night out, i decided to "relive my single days" and join the angel for her friend of a friend's birthday house party.

he's an aussie guy and the place was teeming with aussie guys though there were at least a few from south america. the wonderful mix of nationalities was reminiscent of my single days of partying where i felt strangely most at home hanging out with people from around the world.

the angel and i got settled talking to an older aussie guy. he's not really old per se but in a place full of young ones in their 20s, he being (possibly) in his 30s probably stuck out like a sore thumb. the angel seemed to be interested in him.

i've learnt that the angel is if nothing, gutsy. she puts herself out there. i've seen it before. she doesn't come off slutty or desperate but just interested. and if you know the guy she's interested in, she isn't shy either to ask you bout him even if she only just met you. maybe that's what happens when you're single at her age. you just don't waste any time playing games.

she seemed a bit disappointed that the older aussie guy didn't give her his namecard when he gave it to me ('coz i was going to be making a vacation trip to a town where he previously lived in for 2 years and he told me to email him for travel tips) but that didn't stop her from boldly asking to add him on the online social utility site. he might have hesitated. but then relented as she whipped out her phone to find him online right there and then.

come monday i decided to email him and add him as a friend as well. when he accepted my friend request, i checked out his profile and realised that he's married with a baby. i immediately texted the angel who later called me to say that she wanted to tell me as well.

we came to the conclusion that maybe that's why he seemed so "proper and well-behaved" which is a compliment to him. it's sad when we're both jaded enough to admit that in all probability most of the guys we seem to meet (is it just us?) fool around. the angel, like her moniker suggests, isn't that sort and doesn't want anything to do with guys who are. she's a lovely woman who looks younger than her age but it must be hard for her especially when most guys seem to be preoccupied with younger women in their 20s. heck, if i were honest with myself, i'd say that if i were in the market, it wouldn't be easy for me either.


At 11:34 AM, Anonymous healy said...

thanks for sharing. . .I learned something from it coz we have the same situation right now. Just keep posted

At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Amanda said...

Hi there! New to reading your blog and really enjoying it! I must admit that I'm jaded and I'm still in my 20s! It's hard out there!

At 4:10 PM, Blogger Kitty Moore said...

It isn't easy - which is how I find myself dating someone ten years younger (yikes!) x

At 3:41 AM, Blogger Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I really don't understand the guys wanting to date women 10 or 20 years younger! Don't you want to be able to talk to them? Have things in common?!?


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