Monday, November 30, 2015

Word of mouth

I'm not one to broadcast anything too private in my life on social media. So it made sense that I wasn't going to announce my engagement to the "world" that way either. And I guess I still feel sort of shy to talk about it. In general, the last thing I want is too much attention on me.

So I've been choosing times to tell different groups of friends. I have a limited number of friends that I hang out pretty regularly so that was easy. The harder one was to tell my colleagues. The way my work goes is that I work with different groups of people from different countries at different times. For the most part, I like all of them but it doesn't really mean that I'm planning to invite everyone or am ready for everyone to be all up in my business.

I told my closer group of colleagues first. These are the office girls in my location who I lunch and hang out with. And then of course subsequently other colleagues saw my ring and realised.

My boss is based overseas so I waited till I got to see him in person (which was good timing since I usually only see him once or twice a year and typically towards the end of the year). I told my HR lady in person as well because I assumed that's what people do right? Tell HR?

And then I kept silent for a while. I wanted to be the one to tell "wayne rooney" myself but due to various different work commitments I had and I knew that he had, I wanted to make sure that we weren't smack in the middle of a  mad season. I chose my time. I suppose in some weird way I also waited to tell him because I didn't really know what/how to say. Our past chemistry / attraction probably didn't help make things easier. But because I will always have a soft spot for him in my heart, I wanted to invite him, even though it meant that he had to fly over.

So I just told him. And he said that he had already heard about it though he didn't know from who or where.

Well that kind of spoiled things especially I wanted him to hear it from me. Oh well.

I can't help but wonder who else has heard through the office grapevine. It's amazing how its reach is far and wide and spanning across countries.

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At 9:40 AM, Blogger treedome said...

Hello jo!

Just today, curiously, I logged in into my blog account, because I was not sure if I deactivated it, but apparently I just abandoned it. When I log in, I see that there were new posts from blogs, and when I look closely they were posts from your blog. So cool that you have returned!

At 3:58 PM, Blogger jo said...

Treedome: I'm trying to sort of return... think I haven't done too bad a job yet! Hope to catch you around :)


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