Saturday, November 19, 2011

taking a page outta his book

recently he's been my library. but of 'coz there's more reasons to meeting up with the swedish guy than to simply return his book and borrow another.

conversation is effortless and engaging. we talked bout our travels, me spending the last 2 months on the road being in 3 countries for 3 events and heading to another next month and he coming back from his trekking trip to nepal. we talked extensively bout books, discussing our thoughts on the same books we've read. it was like our own 2-person book club. he's in a book club (has been since i met him) and i've always wanted to be in a book club. what better way to get the chance to be introduced to different genres of books that i would not usually pick. we talked bout relationships. we talked bout the pursuit of learning something new.

i've always been open with him but i think this time i took it another step further when i honestly told him that he's probably one of the few people i know who constantly pushes himself out of the box. to explore, to try new things and to actively do this all the time. i meant it as a compliment of the highest form.

what i didn't tell him was that in essence, it was still that energy that he possessed that was and is so captivating.

somewhere in the middle of all that conversation, i had a sudden flashback on our time "together" when we were "dating". it was strange. somehow it was all too easy to forget that at one point we did have some sort of a thing going on. and at the same time still being attracted to him as a person. it doesn't quite make sense.

we've always been able to talk bout everything but for some reason or another i almost feel like our conversations are even better now than before. then again i do feel i've changed in the last few years. i've experienced more, been more adventurous and have pushed some boundaries. and i can't say that the swedish guy didn't play a tiny part at all.



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