Monday, September 02, 2013

When it rains, it pours

So I did say that I didn't have any exciting escapades didn't I? Well, talk about famous last words.

In the months I gradually found myself in a bit of a... situation. The kind that I suppose leads me back to this blog as the only place where I document it freely and most of all, anonymously.

I mentioned that I've since met a few new guys... One of whom moved away. Well, he's still away but we still keep in occasional contact. Mostly it's really normal stuff but every now and then he pulls out something... stating it quite clearly that he found me very attractive and would have totally have tried to chase me...
"I should have moved faster eh. I wonder why I did (move away) sometimes. I remember you coming to the group. You sat beside some other guy... And I felt jealous. I just remember you swanning in in your black dress."
And then there's been someone else... someone who started out completely platonic but in our interactions and conversations through the months, we've just about found a best friend in each other... and also a possible interest.
"You are special. I wish I'd met you a long time ago and go on life's journey in a spaceship we built together. But I think if we get on that spaceship at our age now with all of our life experiences and knowledge, it would be truly unbelievable!"
Don't get me wrong... nothing physically has happened between me and anyone. But I guess I have found emotional support in other people other than the alpha boy especially since our relationship seemed to have taken another turn for the worse. It's not that he still isn't sweet to me or treat me well... but it's just that I can't help but think it more and more apparent that despite it all, we just aren't really all that compatible.

But sometimes it's hard to cut it off when he does a random sweet thing like pop by my office building before I head off for another one of my long trips...
"Are you in the office later? I want to pass you something. Have a safe trip and a fun time, do take care and think of me everyday. I miss you already."
And yes, I know I have to sort this out at some point...

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At 1:52 AM, Anonymous belle said...

hope you'll update at some point. I used to read here religiously, but you've been mia for over a year now :(


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