Sunday, November 27, 2011

the third part of the story is pretty much where it ends

for bout a week and a half since i got back, the uk guy (who i shall now nickname springer for reasons more than just the drama that's happened and that he just sprung up in my event life) were emailing practically every day.

it's been a week and half that i haven't heard from him.

for some reason i decided to find him on facebook (okay, admittedly to "stalk") and realised that 2 weeks ago he and the crazy chick became facebook friends. given that her facebook name isn't a straight-up easy guess, i'm positive that either she searched for him first or they communicated bout this at some point.

he knew that she pulled some crap on me and made it personal (motivated most probably from, though not expressly said, jealousy). not only that but he also knew that she also embellished what happened that night with him and her in her bid to serve her own purpose and attempt to make me jealous. he didn't talk to her much and supposedly thinks she's a crazy chick that we all know she is. but the truth is, he did step into her room. he did engage her in some way. and maybe it was an ego boost for him, seemingly having 2 girls interested in him.

but i've decided that i don't care.

the crazy chick is definitely suspect but i'm leaning towards thinking that springer is just as suspect.

she practically digusts me now after all that she's done (and not just this springer incident in question) and frankly i'd be happy to never have to see her again. it's a pity that she also seems to be pretty good friends with "wayne rooney" who we all know i'm rather close to.

as for springer... i don't know... i just get the gut feeling that something's wrong there... with him. he's just someone i was instantly comfy with and could chat to, we'll leave it at just that.



At 7:34 AM, Anonymous G/W said...

Out of all the blogs I've been catching up on so far. You're the third (not including myself) who has gotten caught up in these ridiculous e-mail ordeals.
Maybe it happens all the time but I'm just noticing it more because I'm in the same situation.
It's tough to let go of someone you feel a connection with even if it does seem suspicious.


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