Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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We don't meet for ages and then suddenly we've met twice in 4 weeks. That would be my extended, not-so-close girl friends.

It was for a pre-Christmas celebration and we all brought our gifts in tow for the gift exchange game. We each picked a number. Person who was number 1 got to pick a gift first and open it to show the rest, number 2 then picked another gift and opened it and she could then decide if she wanted to keep her gift or steal number 1's. And so it went on till number 5 because there were 5 of us. You want to be the last one, that gave you an option to steal anyone's gift and the other person had no choice but to swap.

Ms Cool Cat was number 1, with Sweet & Simple Girl as number 5. And when we were done with the gift exchange, we proceeded into girl talk about boys. Ms Cool Cat shared that she was still in touch with this Canadian guy she had met a month ago and Sweet & Simple Girl talked about an Australian colleague who asked her out for lunch in her new job (he's new too). Sweet & Simple Girl didn't want to date in her office (something about not shitting where you eat) and she suggested a swap with Ms Cool Cat. In her words, "I am number 5, you have to swap".

Yes, apparently girl friends are friendly like that haha!



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