Friday, January 01, 2016

Random New Year's Eve conversations

It was a nice evening of dinner and a bottle of red wine as we waited for fireworks and to welcome in the new year at a cosy restaurant. One of the things that the alpha boy and I do well is to joke around. Or more specifically, it's usually me taking the mickey out of him. Sitting around for 4 hours gave us plenty of time to do that.

the alpha boy: 2015 hasn't been a good year but I'm glad that I have you. You are a consolation prize.
Jo: I'm a t-shirt?!!

the alpha boy: There's something I've always wondered... If you were on a cable car and falling off...
Jo: ...who would you save first... your mother or your girlfriend???

the alpha boy: The last few years of my life has been a blessing. You've been a big part of that.
Jo: Are you trying to say that I'm fat??

A sense of humor above all. Every year.



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