Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Not a bridezilla

People like to ask me if I'm excited about the pending nuptials.

Honestly (and this might sound terrible), I don't really feel anything yet.

Sure it's a huge step to take and I don't deny it. But we've always been together for ages such that it's not altogether a surprising step to take either.

The thing is... I've never been a gushy schoolgirl type. In fact all my friends tell me that I'm such a man in a relationship and they probably aren't wrong. I've always known that eventually I would get married, but I was also never in a rush. I'm not opposed to having children, but I don't have a biological clock.

I'm a series of contradictions.

I plan events. And now that we're in the planning phase, it's really just been that... another event to plan. And sometimes I see why some people choose to just "elope" or not have any kind of proper celebration at all. Not that it's exhausting (I'm not nearly at that level yet) but because there is so many other nitty gritty things to do in addition to your regular life which keeps me busy enough as it is.

In general I know what I want and like in my own wedding but I haven't exactly been scrapbooking wedding ideas for 20 years, or any number of years for that matter. I much prefer to keep things as simple as possible.

And if you think I'm chilled out, the alpha boy is even more so. So far I have been nearly single-handedly doing all the preparation work. And with my spreadsheets of guests, checklists, schedules etc, I like to think that I still have it under control.



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