Wednesday, February 22, 2006

gotta love the office boys

i've never had a real problem with office romances (unless he's your immediate boss or something and that might be tricky...). afterall i hear that a large number of people actually meet their partners in the office. in fact my parents are one of the very successful statistics.

if you think bout it, the officespace sounds like a good place. afterall on average, everyone spends a good third of their lives in that place. but the problem is that even though you see your colleagues day in and day out, it's not neccessarily that easy to go from being colleagues to friends and then to more than just friends. and then there's the even more pressing issue of even finding an eligible bachelor.

my office is largely female oriented. though in the last year or so there have been an increase in new male employees. bless their hearts. however the males in my office are either married, old and unmarried, young and coupled, young, single and so not my type or young, single, potentially my type but we're not progressing to friends.

but that said, never underestimate the fun of having an office 'crush'. or maybe even 2 office 'crushes'. i've learnt that it just makes office life better.

working in a relatively rural area has it's benefits 'coz i lunch with my colleagues and it's always interesting 'coz we always talk bout all kinds of weird things... recently this included a hilarious conversation which consisted of quizzing an almost 29 and single male colleague (who i nickname karaoke unlikely guy) from across another table. poor fella. he must have felt put in a spot with all the lights on him... much like a deer in the headlights. but he was a real trooper... answering our perhaps 'intrusive' questions and giving funny answers. always good times. especially when he seemed to be partially traumatised by the whole experience haha!

i love talking to karaoke unlikely guy. there's always a lot of laughing and teasing and yet occasionally sharing some common viewpoints. when we're having one of those sadly sorta rare lunches together, he always makes the lunch more interesting. heck he makes coming to the office more interesting.

it doesn't hurt that karaoke unlikely guy intrigues me. he's boyish yet sorta manly and has one of the cutest butts i've seen. and i'm a butt girl. haha!

not to mention that there used to be another guy out of office eye candy who is stationed out of the office. but he's a cutie. even if he does have a girlfriend. but he's so wacky that it's fun. and yes another guy with a cute butt. haha!

but if i had to choose my fave office boy, it'll probably be karaoke unlikely guy just 'coz he's single (that makes it so much easier and less wrong to have a 'crush' on him) and he's easier to just talk to. and they claim that communication is the key right?

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At 5:10 AM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

I don't have any crushes at my full time job but definitely do at my part time one:) Helps that I can be more outwardly flirty at the PT one.


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