Monday, February 20, 2006

the guys episode update

so after that whole remember someone episode, i felt compelled to go against what i had initially decided and contact him. i texted him but he wasn't that responsive. the next day he IMed me and i found out that it was 'coz i had texted him at a bad time. we had a lil bit of an IM chat though nothing to shout bout. my 'excuse' for contacting him in the first place was to find out if he was available for a group hang. as usual he was all mr. busy, so the rest of us went on without him. it was just me and 2 other guys which is the usual in our group hang. it was pretty fun since i can normally just get along with guys pretty well.

apparently it seems that the whole guy from the past episode is still continuing. prick04 and i met up again over the weekend for yet another group drinking session. and as usual it somehow whittles down to just me, my girl friend (who shall hence be known as my oldest school friend) and him. i think it's probably the case 'coz me and my oldest school friend live near to each other and he would send both of us home. we had a fair bit to drink so we kinda got up to some crazy antics... some of which was even photographed by my oldest school friend despite me protesting bout potentially compromising pics and how girls should have each other's back and screen pics taken. on the way back we stopped by a gas station to let my oldest school friend answer the call of nature. and as prick04 and i were standing outside waiting for her, there was an almost moment. it might have happened if she didn't come out of the bathroom at that choice moment. anyhow it's been confirmed. prick04 still likes me. he texted me to tell me that and asked for another chance. i gave him the most honest answer which is i don't know. it's funny how prick04 likes me like i like someone. for waay too long.

oh why can't life be easier?

i mean if it's not confusing enough that i'm into a guy who doesn't like me and unsure bout my feelings bout prick04, i'm also unsure bout prick04's feelings himself. my oldest school friend told me that he had asked her out on valentine's day and wondered if he asked me out too. he did. but i declined 'coz i already had plans and besides i have issues on going out on valentine's day with a guy who i'm not committed to. it's just too much pressure for everyone. i don't really think that prick04 is interested in my oldest school friend (even though she does flirt with him) and i'm not too bothered that he asked her out... but i guess it was just weird especially since it was valentine's day. i almost felt like maybe he was just so in need of some feminine lifeform for that day.

thanks man, what does that say bout me? am i just some feminine lifeform?

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