Thursday, May 08, 2008

not so lonesome tonight

i've mentioned before that i don't know what's the dating definition.

in the course of our many lengthy IM conversations, i've discussed this with the ad-man before (though not in relation to us) and he said that his version of a date is when you meet up to get to know the other person as a potential partner.

honestly that's a pretty good definition. but then again it's vague. 'coz one person might view it as a date whereas the other might think of it as strictly just friends. it's hard to know.

yesterday the ad-man and i were IMing...

the ad-man: having dinner soon?
jo: not having dinner?
the ad-man: should be having dinner soon
the ad-man: not sure what to eat though
jo: eh you're not heading out?
the ad-man: i am but myself though
jo: aww
the ad-man: kinda lonesome tonight
jo: you want company?
jo: well if you want company, i don't mind haha!
jo: i'm a bit itching to get out haha!

so we made very impromptu plans to meet up.

and yes, technically i did ask him out. so was that a date? i don't know... by his definition it just might... but who knows what he's thinking right? yeah he looks to be my ambiguous intentions guy...

it was good fun per usual. a lotta joking and laughing. i really feel quite natural when i'm with him. but is a good fun of the just friends variety or it a good fun in the potential partner vicinity?

as i was on my way back, he texted me...

the ad-man: hey thanks for the dinner company earlier yeah *burp* :)

we texted back and forth for a fair bit before he decided to head out for a run. later at night though we had another one of our marathon IM sessions.

i don't know what's going on or not going on. but i guess for now i just have to take it as it comes or doesn't come.



At 11:36 PM, Blogger Ginormous Boobs said...

Wow, you're blog title is really appropriate for this guy!

At 2:23 PM, Blogger jo said...

haha! well he wasn't so lonesome... and i wasn't so lonesome... so i guess it works?


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