Thursday, April 28, 2011

sheesh way to go in leading a girl on

serial dater stud/slut: we played around a bit
serial dater stud/slut: then she went off on this "what're you looking for" tangent, concluding that i'm looking for "company" and she didn't want that
serial dater stud/slut: NEXT!! :)
jo: haha! she's right though
jo: but to be fair, it's true that she was probably always not going to work out anyhow
serial dater stud/slut: but i would've been ok playing with her a bit more :) hehehehe
serial dater stud/slut: so have you found any potential playthings for me yet?? :)
jo: nope. none that would wanna be played with
jo: they aren't looking for "company"
serial dater stud/slut: awwww
serial dater stud/slut: but if they're a good match, it'll be more than "play"
jo: perhaps... but at this point i just think you're more into "play" anyway

and this could have been the very same conversation repeated to describe the many different girls he has dated in the one over year i've known him. all of whom he's not really ecstatic bout or smitten with and yet continues in this same fashion, with usually eventually the same results.

must be what happens when you meet a girl, invite her back home by the second date of which she accepts, maybe go away on holiday with her after a number of dates, all the while continuing to serial date with other girls doing the exact same things, refuse to commit in any form to her and balk when she mentions anything along those lines 'coz omg you have no idea where she gets that from and it's way too early for any of that dtr (define the relationship) talk.

yep i get it. not.



At 5:36 PM, Blogger Lifebeginsat30ty said...


He just wants to sleep around. At least be honest about it.


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Starter Girlfriend said...

I have a close guy friend that is the exact same! My conclusion is that he is searching for perfection. Every girl he meets he will find SOMETHING wrong with... and therefore he will say "well she's good enough to mess around with for a while, but not going to date her." I got stuck in this rut with him but luckily dug out and remained friends :).


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