Thursday, September 15, 2011

they don't call it a crackberry for nothing

as part of my slave duties at my job, i was given a blackberry. other than feverishly typing out emails, i'm also known to be tap tap tapping away at this wonderful thing called blackberry messenger.

i'm sure there are other wonderful apps out there but since the super powers-that-be that is our IT has firewalled everything, i'm unable to enjoy any of those said wonderful apps out there. so i go back to the ole trusty blackberry messenger.

i don't have much friends on my list, bout 2 friends, 2 clients and some other colleagues. but when "wayne rooney" and i start to bbm, i don't really need to bbm anyone else at all.

it's pretty insane, how we both go at it from across the miles. we bbm as we both watch the same sporting matches sometimes supporting the same team and other times not. he's also taken to bbming me whenever he's out and we've had several such bbms. it's amazing no one wonders why he's busy bbming instead of doing other things, then again, he's a multitasker.

and the conversations that we have are so delightfully inane that it's fun. we have even coined up our own acronym to express shock which we've since been using. conversations are just so easy. it's effortless rapport.

and there's a dose of that with the guinea pig as well. he and i also bbm each other fairly regularly. it's relatively good conversation at times though nowhere near as what "wayne rooney" and i get up to.

but despite all that, i'm being reminded of the reality that if either of us leaves the company (in "wayne rooney"'s case) or the country (as is the case with the guinea pig), it may not be the same. it's happened too much in my life before. and as much as i hate drifting apart from any friend, that harsh reality is well, very real. i guess i just have to enjoy it while i can.

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At 6:59 AM, Anonymous belle said...

Are you still dating Alpha boy? Looks like you've jumped ship-- at least emotionally..


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