Monday, November 14, 2011

the morning after

i’ve always felt funny around her, like there was something in our personalities that just didn’t enable us to click. there wasn’t any chemistry and conversations would just sound forced.

in my mind she’s just the crazy chick. the one who gets drunk half the time before anyone else is even remotely there, the one who threw up on our temporary onsite office ‘coz she drank too much with clients and inconvenienced everyone else who had to clean up the mess and send her home after a long days and nights of working. the one who seeks validation from guys and somehow manages to get all the guys proposing and being interested, the one who proudly proclaims that all her boyfriends have been stolen from other girls and that she even dated her best friend’s boyfriend.

right from the start i could tell she viewed me as competition for the UK guy who we met in the last event nevermind that no one is actually available. i met him first and we were already at the comfy chatting stage when she met him. so when she noticed that we were always chatting she told my boss lady that she thought that i liked him. my boss lady (who will always be on my side) replied that well, he’s cute which is undeniable to begin with.

she must have continued to notice that for the most part he actually comes up to me. case in point when right in front of everyone else, he once walked up closely behind me and poked me, bought me a drink and we started chatting bout everything under the sun all the while standing pretty closely even asking me why i didn’t come and look for him when i was onsite briefly that day. as is the case with everyone hanging at the bar, everyone moves around chatting with everyone else and one by one people start to do their disappearing act. after a while i noticed that he had disappeared while i was engaged in conversations with a group.

the next morning at the breakfast table i saw the crazy chick who then specifically told me that the UK guy went to her room the night before to watch tv at 2am and he was trying to convince her to come back down to the bar.

that was strange. the whole thing is strange.

he’s quite obviously never been interested in her. he doesn’t come up and chat to her and even says things to me that he thinks her tattoos are cheesy. and he actually seems like a nice fairly decent guy.

the boss lady is convinced that she initiated it. and really who knows what she may or may not have embellished. but the boss lady’s first thought also ran to the high suspicion that she probably did it (from the initiation to telling me the day after) as a dig at me. she’s just a crazy chick and i think this stunt she pulled further reduced my impression of her.

the boss lady suggested that i ask him what happened that night with the crazy chick.

i didn’t… but the boss lady did…



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At 12:48 PM, Blogger CeCe said...

I can't wait to read how this story turns out!


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