Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the night after the morning after

two nights later i walked into the hotel bar. for the last week, the hotel bar was our home away from home. the place where after each day you’d be almost guaranteed to see familiar faces as you walk in.

it was the last day. the big one. i expected it to be.

so i walk in and see the boss lady chatting with the UK guy. i stop by and say hi. he seemed slightly awkward and moved away soon after. my boss lady confided in me that one of the first things he did was to ask her where i was. and then ‘coz the crazy chick and i have similar names she was confused for a minute if he meant me or her. he meant me. but that opened up the topic for my boss lady to ask him about the crazy chick… and that night.

he seemed awkward around me for most of the night. almost purposely not coming over to chat when he would have done so all previous nights before.

it’s all long and complicated but eventually the boss lady, the UK guy and i all manage to sit down and chat and the infamous topic was brought up again. the story went like this…

the crazy chick asked him to walk her to her room. he obliged admittedly ‘coz he thought she was cute. she asked him in saying that they could check out facebook together. he thought it was a bit strange but he stepped in anyway. and a few minutes later just thought it was really odd and left.

she however made it sound as though it was all his idea. and that they hung out in her room for a quite a while such that she wanted him to leave ‘coz she wanted to shower and sleep. like he was trying to overstay his welcome.

with that i knew in an instance what she was really like. and i didn’t like it. and i can’t shake it off. things will always be different between us now (though we were never really close to begin with). but after this, things just got a bit personal.

the rest of the night went pretty well though. i had a wonderful time singing karaoke with everyone. and the UK guy and i even managed to chat a bit here and there one on one. he still stood really closely. and the boss lady is still convinced that he likes me.

i don’t know. mostly it just feels like we're friends. we’ve been emailing for the last week. the good thing bout us marketing/PR folks is that we’re pretty eloquent in the written word.



At 3:19 AM, Blogger Gretta James said...

I don't know I don't think you should rule him out just yet. Us UK folk can do the right thing from time to time.


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