Friday, September 23, 2011

home away from home

it's the time during my season of work where i move to be based in another nearby location and have the craziest busiest time of work. this year my boss wanted me to move up earlier and so i moved almost a week ago. and thankfully it hasn't gotten crazy busy yet. so what i've been having so far has pretty much been fun.

sometimes i relish being somewhere else. away from it all, from everyone. where the only thing i have to be concerned with is work... and where to have dinner and drinks. it's always fun with my colleagues, where "wayne rooney" is one of them. we all know how fantastic we get along. in fact we're thinking of doing a day road trip this weekend to do a passport run. a day stuck in the car with him? we might kill each other... or we might get along like a house on fire!

i've also ventured into being social outside of work... the swedish guy had a business trip right where i was and last night we decided to meet up. we went to a pretty good spanish place that i like (i do like my tapas!) where i tried a new beer (tasty!) and then we proceeded to try this new popular bar where we had 2 different mojitos each. there were so many different mojitos flavors that it was a shame we couldn't work our way down the list.

and then there was the conversations. we talked bout books, new year resolutions, travelling, chinese horroscope, the difference between 9/11 and the hiroshima bombing, human nature and everything else under the sun. it was all very engaging and i knew i wasn't the only one who loved our meeting up, in a foreign place no less!

i may also try and catch the serial dater stud/slut at some point as well as he's on a business trip here too. but of 'coz he presently has one of his girls from this place shacking up with him in his hotel. the slut. haha!

and to top it off, despite rubbish internet connections, the guinea pig has still been bbming me every morning and night. nothing much is actually being said but i just get the feeling he's feeling lonely over there with nothing much to do.

i think despite being away from home, i'm still doing relatively well.

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