Sunday, September 18, 2011

and this wraps up the last 2+ weeks

i think part of the reason i have been up for meeting up with the guinea pig as much as i have is 'coz he was in fact going to leave to work overseas today. so when he asked me out again for drinks on thursday, i agreed 'coz i knew that that would be last time i would see him, at least in a while.

we went back to our new favorite mixologist bar and had a lovely time. i have to say i'm loving that place more and more and the wonderful and friendly bartenders. if only it didn't cost that much for a drink.

we definitely get along. he himself said that he enjoyed my company and also added that he thought i'm quirky which of 'coz is stating the obvious since my very blog url states that i'm quirky. and if i had a dollar everytime someone has told me that, i'd be rich. but i think there's just something bout both our quirky personalities that works.

but he's not interested. a guy who is interested wouldn't tell me that the mixologist bar is a pretty good place to pick up girls. then again maybe a guy who isn't interested wouldn't tell me that i'm pretty. who knows anymore.

we then headed to the hole-in-the-wall bar where he was meeting up with his other friends and i knew the other jo would be there with her friends, one of them was the one who made out with the guinea pig and played him. i'm sure this girl is nice and all but honestly not all that good looking but according to the other jo she keeps saying bout how all these guys are into her. i don't know who those other guys are but i do know the guinea pig and well, i was a bit disappointed in his taste.

but of 'coz i don't really know him. i've only known him for 2 weeks. we just happened to have met up quite a few time in these 2 weeks. he said that he'll miss me 'coz he thinks we kinda just click. and the truth is, we do kinda just click. and a part of me misses him and hoped that i got to know him better than just these 2 weeks in order for a stronger base of friendship.

but he's gone. and things will change.



At 1:37 AM, Blogger s.212 said...

Ah I'm just catching up on the whole story with the guinea pig! He sounds like the mr. popular type who is always the centre of attention at parties. I've definitely been attracted to that type before!
It seems like he's a bit of player, but it sounds like you had a fun time spending time with him :)

p.s. I'm not sure I understood why his nickname is the guinea pig? haha

At 11:43 AM, Blogger jo said...

s.212: yeah the energy one of those types exude is usually infectious. his nickname (which honestly just kinda happened) came from a recent drop dead diva episode where one of owen's (a guy jane is dating) friends asked jane if she's a FOO, a friend of owen. there was a roomful of FOOs. later owen described himself as a guinea pig, put him together with others and they are instant best buds.


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