Thursday, November 10, 2011

when will i see you again?

in the work that i do, it’s all too common to have fleeting moments with different people. we all walk in, frequently from different countries, spend too many hours in a day working together closely on a particular event and then one by one we go our separate ways.

it’s awesome as you walk into a brand new project and see familiar faces and hugs go around. sometimes you meet brand new people and you find out more with each conversation or late night dinner and drinks.

like this guy from UK who i’ve initially had some email correspondence with and who i honestly thought was a girl until i met him. a very attractive man indeed. and somehow we just clicked instantly. i had known some others in his office for 3 years but still could not hold a comfortable conversation with ‘em but with him? it just flowed. there seemed to be a fair bit of mutual attraction. the way his eyes always found mine when either of us walked into a roomful of others. of ‘coz he has a girlfriend. they all do.

the work can be tough and often immensely tiring. the end of the event always brings bout bittersweet feelings. on one hand you’re glad it’s over and done. but the leaving? the leaving is always the hardest. especially with people who you’ve build such bonds with through the years.

he: so when will we meet again?
me: i don’t know…
he: are you coming down to *insert state/country of his next event*
me: i’m not sure yet
he: you should try to
me: yeah maybe I would

with that “wayne rooney” stretched his arms wide open and i moved into them with open arms. we hugged. our usual big, tight, long hugs. and then he got into the car and left bound for the airport.

and strangely i felt more emotional than i might normally feel bout it all.

i think in the last year we have gotten closer as co-workers and friends. there is just such a sense of familiarity and comfort level with him and the ability to talk bout anything at all, at all times.

he wasn’t even on this project but as his project located a mere half hour away ended a week ago, he came round to join us for a few days. we spent a week apart in different countries on different events after the month we had on the same project ended. but somehow that week felt so long and the month felt so short.

and realistically, it could be very well be months before we might meet again.

that is my life.

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