Thursday, March 02, 2006

why mid week drinking can be bad

last nite my office department had a lil out of office gathering. we ate, had drinks and chatted. it was real nice 'coz it felt like we were friends hanging out instead of boss and colleagues. we were all nice and relaxed especially after ordering drink after drink. unfortunately it ended pretty early 'coz the boss man was feeling under the weather and no one else seemed like they wanted to stay. i however, had enough drinks in me to dismiss the idea of going home immediately since it was before 9pm. so i made plans to 'jump in' on my oldest school friend and prick04's meeting up.

okay i don't think anything is going on with the 2 of 'em, but i almost feel a lil bit bad to 'jump in' on 'em. then again there's probably no reason to since my oldest school friend actually invited me to join 'em when i texted her asking what she was up to for the nite.

anyway we went to this cozy wine place where we proceeded to order bottles of red wine. it was crazy. and when we get that much alcohol in our bloodstream, we have some frank talks bout relationship and sex. seems like all of us have gotten ourselves into some slighty messy situations and are generally failing at this relationship thing. and then we also got up to some crazy antics. it might have been crazier if my oldest school friend wasn't there.

this whole drinking thing is like a culture. and i've realised that recently i hardly ever meet up with prick04 when there no drinks involved. which probably isn't a good thing. things tend to get crazier with drinks but i have to watch what i do or say since prick04 (supposedly) likes me and i'm not sure bout my own feelings.

last nite he dropped me off at my house first since i was the one who had a good number of drinks in me even before the red wine and i'm also the one who has to be in the office on time the next day. later, presumably after he sent my oldest school friend home, he texted me asking me to come downstairs to meet him saying that he really wanted to see me. but i was all comfy in my pjs and practically out like a light so i declined. in the morning i woke up to see that i had a missed call from him in the middle of the nite. i totally didn't hear it even though my phone was right next to me. i must have been absolutely knocked out.

he texted me today to ask if i was feeling okay. surprisingly i am. i'm more chirpy than i thought i'd be. he also asked me out for some talk thing. i wouldn't have minded except that after my crazy nite, i really just wanna chill out at home and sleep for 3 years.



At 2:03 AM, Blogger Larissa said...

ah yes the chats about dating, sex and love while drinking. had one of those last night, i'll be writing about it tonight...goodness

At 11:52 PM, Blogger Sandra Dee said...

Ditto on the sparce Christian men! Geez.


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