Friday, October 10, 2008

lowered expectations

sometimes first "dates" plans are made really fast. take for example this guy i met on the online dating site months ago. we talked briefly once bout meeting up but that never materialised. and then we hardly kept in contact. up until last week when he started to IM me rather often.

yesterday we were chatting online at work when the conversation turned to movies. and then very quickly we somehow decided to catch a movie that very night.

now i didn't really have much expectations. 'coz i knew from his pics that i didn't find him attactive. and it's not like we had any great IM conversations to make me think that we would get along fabulously. to me, this meeting up was really just bout watching a movie.

maybe it was my lowered expectations, but despite none too good reviews, the movie was great. thankfully. 'coz at least i spent a nice 2 hours. i couldn't imagine if i had to spend those 2 hours trying to talk to him. somehow i just found the brit golfer to be non humorous and with a slight snob appeal. and oh yeah, he wasn't visually attractive either.

so i guess sufficient to say sparks didn't fly. not that i expected 'em to. in fact i'm practically expecting to never see or hear much from him again. which is perfectly fine with me.

that's the lovely thing bout lowered expectatons. sometimes the real deal either surpasses your expectations and you have a nice surprise, or it meets your expectations and you're not in the least bit upset bout it.



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