Thursday, October 02, 2008

turn me on

it seems like recently i've been turning a few guys on in my IM conversations. not that i'm doing it on purpose much less some cyber sex chat thing. but apparently just chatting with me makes my not-so-platonic ex-friend "horny for" me and talking bout our past "dating" history gets this guy from the other online dating site "turned on".

which of 'coz then led to both of 'em essentially asking me out for a makeout session.

the decisions weren't exactly too hard to make...

i told myself before that i'm not gonna go there again with my not-so-platonic ex-friend. he's too wrong and it's wrong and i don't want to participate and perpetuate the cycle of wrong. besides he's a friend and i think it's best we leave it at that.

as for the guy from the other online dating site... well i admit that i was mildly tempted. i was feeling almost a bit reckless and possibly looking to shake things up. but at the same time i had to remind myself that i've never actually met him before. and a promise of a makeout session even before i even met the guy wasn't really an expectation i could handle. plus he was starting to kinda see this other girl...

and apparently even though the med student didn't ask me out for a makeout session, i still managed to "turn him on" in our IM conversation...

the med student: wait a min, i gtg bathe... i dun wanna my BO to diffuse all the way to ur computer
jo: hahaha! alritey :P
the med student: ur invited to join me if u wanna
the med student: its lonely to bathe alone... :P
jo: haha! well you're a lil far away...
jo: plus you don't remember me... and you shouldn't bathe with strangers right?
the med student: well... if we do share a hot shower, im sure ill remember u for life
jo: and if you have a cold shower alone, you'll definitely remember me for longer than that haha!
the med student: woah... ur so damn witty... wat a turn on

maybe i should stop engaging anyone in real life and keep it virtual since i seem to be scoring so well there...

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At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Ecrivian said...

The problem with virtual is...well, at some point, you just want someone to hold your hand and give you a kiss and to actually hear them tell you that they love you --- and as fun and mildly exciting as the virtual world can get, it's just not the same.

Not for me, anyway.

At 9:31 AM, Blogger jo said...

ecrivian: i'm with you on that. i'll miss the physical presence of someone next to me. it's tough 'coz it's not any of that is happening...


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