Wednesday, October 01, 2008

tuesdays with jo

after attempting to make plans and having 'em rescheduled or shot down, it was another night in my lonesome. but i've been feeling restless lately and was determined to head out anyway, even if i do it alone.

after work, i rushed to fix the heel of my heels which met with a lil mishap earlier in the day during lunch time with cutie aussie colleague. okay sidetrack here... cutie aussie colleague and i wound up having lunch together. and it wasn't any better or worse than before. it was pretty much the same. i guess that means we're gonna be just pretending that nothing happened that night. oh well...

anyhow back to my story...

while getting my heel fixed, i heard whitney houston's the greatest love of all playing. i love that song. it always brings back warm and fuzzy memories of my best friend and i performing the song to her aunts and uncles when we were lil kids. and later as i was done with my heels and having dinner alone, that song kept playing in my mind.

i thought in some way it was rather applicable. afterall it's a song bout learning to love yourself. i pondered over a few things as i normally like to do when i'm alone. you know how sometimes you can feel lonely even in a crowd? well sometimes i feel totally at peace, centered and fulfilled when i'm alone.

and 'coz he's been the boy of the season, my thoughts naturally drifted to drummer boy. i thought bout why i liked him despite him being "wrong on paper" and that's when the word progression occured to me.

there was progression with drummer boy. and that's not something i ever see in my "dating" life. more often than not it starts off with a few "dates" and then fizzles out quickly before anything even happens. or else it could start with a random makeout and then a few "dates" and then the fizzle. or it could just be a random makeout and that's pretty much where it starts and ends.

things were different with drummer boy. we went on a few closely-spaced"dates" before things started to happen along the way. i grew to like him more and he wormed his way into my heart. there was progression.

sure now there's regression but well the fact remains that before him, i just didn't ever really see progression in my "dating" life.

maybe that's why i have such strong feelings for him. and the reason why somehow with this one i just had to really try. i mean i've never laid my cards out like that so openly before. and this brings me back to "blaming" him for giving me a taste of the not-so-random lifestyle and making me want to settle down and progress.

yes, sometimes i like time alone with myself to come to my own epiphanies.

with that, i decided i needed to watch a funny, light-hearted movie to take my mind off things and then proceed to head to the bookstore to do one of my favorite things which is to read.

all in all, i reckon it was a lonesome tuesday night well spent.

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At 7:53 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Nothing wrong with taking ourselves out on a "date" occasionally!

Oh and I know all about the fizzle. I think I just may be Queen of The Fizzle! ;)

At 9:51 PM, Blogger jo said...

saneandsingle: so does that mean you fizzle on 'em or you get fizzled on?

At 12:30 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

I have been the fizzler, and at other times, the fizzlee! It seems that people seem to fizzle without giving it a chance more and more these days!

At 1:32 AM, Blogger jo said...

saneandsingle: i've mostly been the fizzlee rather than the fizzler which honestly is a painful place to be. and yeah you're so right bout how people seem to fizzle so quickly these days. maybe it's 'coz of the seeming availability of other options?


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