Monday, October 06, 2008

open letters to my heart and mind

dear heart,

first of all, please remove yourself from off our sleeve. you really need to be hiding yourself back inside. maybe even locking yourself up for a lil bit. we're worried that you're just gonna wear yourself down with all this too much feelings and emotions thing.

we know that you put up walls to protect yourself. but we're sure you know by now that drummer boy somehow managed to worm himself past 'em. maybe we need to talk better security here... until the boy (and that goes for whichever boy) has proven himself.

and that lil drumbeat you've got going on for him? throw away those drums baby! you gotta stop going all aww inside when mind reminds you of some sweet thing he did. no more warm and fuzzy feelings for you. and while we're at it, don't have any of those stabs of pain either when mind brings up some memories as we pass certain places.

you need to keep those emotions in check. learn from your lessons. we don't wanna see you trampled, shattered and broken time and time again.

do take care of your cushy self...

the rest of jo

dear mind,

are you outta your mind? asking heart to wear itself on our sleeve like that? shouldn't you have known better?

okay okay we understand... you've been doing waay too much thinking bout drummer boy lately. but for the sake of everyone, we ask of you to please stop it. most of all you have to quit reminding heart bout how sweet he could be. and while you're at it, stop with the memories as well.

see there you go again... no no no no no! don't think bout him!

instead please choose to focus on the negative side of him. augment those negative sides until they overshadow the positive. i mean think bout it, he has loads of negative sides such as a lower education level, not particularly high career prospects, inability to be sufficiently witty etc... sure it may sound mean but for now you gotta focus on those and maybe then it will give heart a break.

we all really need to work together here...

thanks for understanding.

the rest of jo



At 7:29 PM, OpenID nevergoingbackagain said...! i can completely understand how you are feeling but when i sit hear and read it in words it is so hard.

i know you had high hopes for drummerboy but i know you can do so much better girl! don't hide your heart just yet though...when you least expect it someone will come along!


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