Saturday, July 25, 2009

i would like to think that...

while i'm not the hottest babe around, i would like to think that no one would consider me less than attractive. i've had my fair share of male attention but i've also certainly had many times where i've lost my mojo.

the alpha boy however somehow has the ability to charm all the women. he isn't the hottest dude around though (obviously) i find him very attractive. but he's just one of the rare guys who has somehow figured out the secret to attraction. and hence i'm almost used to having all the women checking him out regardless of whether i'm right there next to him holding his hand or not.

now i would like to think that i'm not really the jealous sort. afterall if all the women want my man then that must just mean that i've got good taste. and i also like to think that i do indeed have good taste. but admittedly sometimes the lil green horns of jealously does rear it's head.

in recent times i've been particularly "annoyed" with this one girl that he met via a networking event. let's call her the exotic dancer, not that that's her choice of career but 'coz she belongs to some dance group that does exotic dancing. i'm not too clear on it but i reckon it's basically that she's learnt it in a class. so anyhow right off the bat he knew that she was interested in him. he however was more interested in a possible business opportunity. somewhere after 2 meetings and perhaps a few texts / IMs, they sorta maybe became friends.

the thing is that the exotic dancer likes him. it's pretty darn obvious. i've never met her but i don't even need to meet her to know that. i'm a girl, i should know the lil tricks girls pull.

after their second business meeting, she found out that he was heading off to a mall to get some shirts and she decided that she too has not been to that mall and hence wanted to go along with him. of 'coz they then wound up having dinner and talking more. and then she IMed him asking him "relationship questions" such as his views on certain things and lamenting bout how she's single and wanting to find a good guy. yeah well, this guy is taken sister! and then there was the friendly text along the lines of "24 more hours before your trip" 'coz he's bout to go away on a week-long trip.

she may not be chasing him per se, but she's definitely dropping hints like none other that she's interested. the alpha boy is not interested. well 'coz he has me and he doesn't cheat and also 'coz even though he thinks that she's somewhat attractive, she's not really his type.

which brings me to my problem with this. while he's not encouraging her, he's not discouraging her either. and i think that when not encouraging her isn't enough to stop her, then i think he should be discouraging her. and from my personal experiences on being discouraged, i reckon there's only 2 ways to go. he either ignores all her texts and IMs or he just manages to find a way to tell her that he's attached.

but who am i to say right?



At 2:28 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

Do you know if he's told her he's attached or not? I would assume so, since they've had several opportunities to talk. That ALWAYS comes up, you know?

At 2:27 AM, Blogger jo said...

the ambiguous blob: no he's definitely not told her that he's attached. even though it seems like she's curious bout his relationship status. a girl who isn't curious doesn't joke with a guy bout his "many girls" hoping to get some kind of answer one way or another...


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