Monday, July 06, 2009

the "other woman"

i've decided that the idea of meeting the alpha boy's ex-girlfriend is scarier than meeting his mom!

the alpha boy and i were out on friday night with 2 of his friends when we had a quick lil private conversation of our own and did our usual asking of the other's plans for the next day. he had plans to have a quick meet-up with his ex to help her with some travel insurance thing (though i'm not entirely sure why but oh well it's hard to know the whys of these things between 'em) and asked me out along to meet her. he figured that i had just bout met every one of his close friends except for her and i might as well meet her.

yes well, i knew that i was going to meet her one day. and frankly i was as curious as i was nervous bout that.

i've seen some of her pictures from a year ago and from 'em i thought that while she wasn't unattractive, she didn't seem particularly good looking to me.

except that sometimes pictures lie.

in real-life, i found her to be rather attractive. she had flawless skin, a good figure and just that something very interesting in her features that made you want to keep looking at her. in other words, i definitely thought she was hot. oh well afterall she is an actress and model.

and she was nice. she was friendly and even though we only met very briefly, i reckon that i could probably actually get along with her. there were times when i felt like we were on similar wavelengths. i could totally see why the alpha boy got together with her.

i actually like her. but i'm not sure if this makes me feel okay with the alpha boy being that close to her in that long hours of regular phone conversation kinda way.

i mean i trust him and i'm convinced that it's all platonic. even on her part. sure, she did tell me some lil tidbits bout him which no doubt some of which she probably drawed from her time with him and others probably from simply being close friends with him for that long. but it was also a bit hard for me not to try and imagine 'em together in that way if you catch my drift. i think the weird thing for me is that i'm not sure just how comfortable i am knowing that there is another woman in his life that he is that close to. and it certainly doesn't help that she's also his ex.

i haven't decided as yet if i should say anything to him. a part of me wonders if i should wait and see if that feeling subsides, or simply wait for a better time (though i might never know when that would be... maybe when it festers inside me long enough?) or if i should just say it soon. and by say, i really mean text since there pretty much is no way that i think i can actually say it out in words...



At 2:18 AM, Blogger *~AV~* said...

This is so so tricky!! Unfortunately, I don't have much advice for you except to be honest and hope that he is understanding. Good luck!

At 3:20 AM, Blogger jo said...

AV: thanks hun!


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