Tuesday, June 30, 2009

maybe next time when we actually do meet, it'll be easier

over 2 weeks back, the alpha boy asked me to join his family for dinner yesterday. he wasn't supposed to tell me that it was his mom's birthday but he did anyway. and for 2 weeks, i stressed over what i should get her 'coz despite what he says, i really can't just go empty handed now can i?

anyhow late last week, due to some reservations issue, dinner plans was called off. and then switched at the last minute to sunday night where once again i was invited. but then 'coz no one could decide on the venue and where in the end they settled on a place on the other side of town from where i was, the alpha boy decided that i should just meet 'em another time.

i'm hoping this was just a practice. that next time i do actually meet his family, i would be calm, cool and collected. i mean i like to think that generally parentals like me. but it's still the first time i would be seeing parents as their son's girlfriend. that's kinda stressful.



At 5:59 PM, Blogger LiLu said...

Don't be stressed... now that you've gotten your butterflies out, next time'll be a breeze!

At 11:10 AM, Blogger *~AV~* said...

I think it's 20 times more stressful to meet the parents of the guy you're dating than to introduce the guy you're dating to your parents. Just remember, you're awesome and they will love you because their son loves you!

At 3:23 PM, Blogger jo said...

LiLu: yeah i'm hoping as well that the next time will be a breeze though frankly i think it might be a while more before there might be a next time...

AV: oh indeed! i wasn't too stressed when he met my parents. then again the fact that i'm really close to my family and there have pretty much seen all my friends, does help. but when you meet his parentals, it feels like they are scoping you out haha!


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