Wednesday, July 15, 2009

delete and move on

it's nice how drummer boy and i are kinda friends. obviously we're not the let's talk for hours and meet up regularly kinda friends (and yes, that was a slight dig at the alpha boy's close friendship with the "other woman"), but i would think we're the let's IM occasionally kinda sorta somewhat friends.

recently in one of our IM conversations, he asked me how was the alpha boy and in return i asked how was his love life. turns out he just started seeing someone for less than a month. everything seems to all well and good and his mom thinks she's nice.

i can't imagine why i would be surprised but i suppose in some ways i was. it's silly really. i mean i can't exactly expect him not to move on right? but maybe it's just the usual surprise you feel when someone you used to date or fancy has found someone else.

i'm glad he's happy with his new girlfriend. and i know the way he'd be attentive and the constant texts to her. and the way he would hold her, hug her, kiss her...

it's funny how i should hear this news when i was just in the process of deleting his past texts from my phone. yes, partly laziness and partly inability to really move on has caused me to leave these texts in my phone for far longer than they probably should have been. but they are simply taking too much memory... from my phone and perhaps even from my own memory.

so i guess we've all moved on... and somehow stayed amicable and somewhat reasonably in touch. that sounds better than most of my previous "relationships".



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