Monday, May 04, 2009

and hopefully that's enough...

i officially like the alpha boy's best friend. he actually told off the alpha boy for not holding my hand or acting coupley. something has to be said for someone who would do that without me even saying it haha!

that said, the alpha boy and i had a face to face conversation regarding that. i like to think that he kinda got it this time and hopefully he remembers. as expected he just wasn't used to it and in his previous relationships, it was usually his girlfriend who initiates. yeah well i'm not really like that... yet.

but we're good. yeah i realise that we're in the honeymoon stage but dang, i never thought that a relationship could make me feel this happy. i go to bed thinking whee! and i wake up thinking whee! and the other half of the time i wish this honeymoon stage doesn't end. it's really strange.

last night i met up with another one of his friends. he's a pretty nice guy and we all got along. as with most of the alpha boy's friends, this one sang my praises as well after he met me. in fact he told me that i'm bubbly, intelligent with a similar sense of humor that he totally understood why the alpha boy chose to be with me. apparently despite the alpha boy having many (many many) women chasing him, he hardly ever likes anyone. hence his friends were surprised that he would be attached 'coz they just bout gave up thinking that he would find anyone that he thought was suitable for him.

i guess that's a somewhat comforting thought. but of 'coz my self esteem took a bit of a hit when i found out that the alpha boy has turned down models and in fact both his ex girlfriends were models. i mean i'm no uber hot model... i'm just regular jo. and that's all i can be...



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