Friday, May 01, 2009

won't you just hold me?

it might be too early to be dissatisfied but i'm a lil "dissatisfied" with the alpha boy. i suppose i do understand and hence it's not necessarily a big problem but admittedly it does bother me a lil.

my weird problem is that i feel like the alpha boy and i don't seem like a couple. i mean we walk down the street mostly without holding hands. there are no hugs and kisses. i've told him before that i'm a hand holding, hello and goodbye kissing, some pda loving kinda girl. but still nothing.

i get that he's probably outta practice and not used to it. afterall the last relationship he had was 7 years ago and in between those times, he hasn't physically touched any other girls at all. that's just how he rolls. which is really sweet in the whole trustworthy way. except that when his best friend and his part-time not quite girlfriend (it's so complicated that no one knows what's going on 'coz apparently his best friend is supposed to have another girlfriend??) seem more coupley than us, the actual couple.

maybe i myself aren't used to making the move. afterall i've always had guys who initiated it. drummer boy being a very good example. and i hate to think this but that's the thing that i miss and which makes me think bout drummer boy.

but it's not like the alpha boy isn't sweet. afterall he sent me a really sweet text that said,

the alpha boy: i don't say this enough but just in case you didn't know know.. i'm awfully lucky to have you in my life :)

so if it's just a "small" matter of seeming like a couple, do i just have to do this myself??



At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Girl/Woman said...

Gawd, that is a cute text.
Ugh men.

At 3:01 PM, Blogger jo said...

girl/woman: yeah it was a really sweet text. made my insides go all aww...


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