Friday, December 10, 2010

going there feels like coming home

yes i know it's been a while. that's kind of what happens when i don't have any exciting dating stories to tell and also when i've been away on vacation.

oh it was a glorious 10+ days. away from home, work, with not a care in the world. i went to visit my good friend who very graciously put me up in her room. we had an awesome time together. i've never visited her there before. it's always been her coming back home that we meet up. and after this trip, i wonder what took me so long to go there.

i like to think our friendship deepened as well as we discussed boys and her impending divorce proceedings. we also met up with another girlfriend of mine who i haven't seen since she left to move back home 4 years ago. together we talked bout how hard it was to find a guy there. apparently it doesn't matter where you are, good guys always seem hard to find.

i also met up with the "other woman", who a few months ago decided to up and move countries in order to move in with a brand new boyfriend she met while on a one-week vacation (where incidentally she initially started out being coupled up with someone else for less than a month). surprisingly they are still together. he seems like a nice guy, very laidback, rather busy at work and a possible ability to zone her out, which i think could be part of the reason why, given her track record, they have lasted this long. but well i guess as long as she's happy.

that's what it's all bout anyway right? finding that guy that makes you happy. and goodness knows that's hard enough as it is. as much as i loved my vacation destination and could really see myself living and working there, it was nice to come back home to the alpha boy. now if only i can find some way to combine both...


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Rockabilly Hippie said...

well sounds like you at least had a lovely holiday! As far as getting boys to move, well, I have very little experience so I hope you greater success than me!

Much love,
Rockabilly Hippie


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