Tuesday, May 03, 2011

can we get back to the time 4 years ago when we were good friends?

8 years ago, i was with my best friend and her cousin (who i was then very close to but in the last 5 years suddenly decided to ignore me and stop being friends) in a club where we met him. he and my best friend's cousin started hanging out / casually dating for a bit. it was then that he got initiated into what quickly became our group of friends which included some from a dancing group that my best friend and her cousin was then in. one of them was a very attractive girl who subsequently became my best friend's cousin's flatmate for a short period of time.

as the years passed, he went back to london where he was originally from, making trips back out here relatively frequently. along the way he became really close friends with the attractive girl's friend, a girl with huge boobs, and at some point also started dating the attractive girl who subsequently cheated on him (as she did with her last boyfriend who we also knew from the dance group) she then got married soon after and he saw them together at the girl with huge boob's wedding.

somewhere along that time as well, he and i got closer when i visited him in london. and then we drifted apart and didn't chat with each other when he started work and didn't come back for 4 years.

until now.

my london guy friend still gives the best hugs. tight and long with a lil rub on the back. i've always loved his hugs. the girl with the huge boobs joined us. i wasn't exactly thrilled 'coz to be honest somehow i've never quite liked her before, but she's his good friend, a fact that she made certain to rub in my face. she constantly referenced to things that she and him did together both in the past and in the last week that he was here in town. she volunteered the fact that she took a few vacation days just to spend with him and how she's going to visit him and his family in the summer for his birthday, she leaned on his shoulder, she talked bout how long she's known him, forgetting that i have known him for just as long and in fact met him first.

i would have thought that she and him were behaving couply except she was supposed to be married (i later learned from him that she got divorced a few months ago and is currently back with a former ex boyfriend who she is presently living with) and he's married with a kid back home.

things picked up after she left early with her "friend" (i.e. live in partner) and my london guy friend and i went for dessert. this meeting up made me realise that i missed him and i wished that we kept in contact and had not lapsed for 4 years. but yet our exchanges (or lack that of) the week he was in town made me remember why we never kept in contact. 'coz he didn't. not when most of my friendly texts (where i welcomed him back, asked him if he was free and then bade my farewell to him) went unanswered. and that's a pet peeve of mine. i don't know if we will still be in any more contact then we currently have been 'coz it does take 2 hands to clap and at this point, he's not trying.



At 5:01 PM, Blogger Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Hmm....I've read this entire post and have been trying to figure out what it means. It seems like you like this guy and yet he's dated all of these other friends of yours and is in fact now married with a kid and only comes into town so often. Is he a friend or is he not? I have friends like this where it's mostly on my side, so I just let it go. Most come around at some point and contact me. If they don't, then were you really friends? You're right, takes two to tango! Even a friendship.

At 6:00 PM, Blogger jo said...

ahh i didn't realise it came off confusing. well he started as a friend, more of an acquaintance really. then he dated another acquaintance of mine. it was only after that crashed and burned and i visited him and spent heaps of time (more time than i thought i would) with him that i started thinking of him as a friend and then somehow sorta found myself fancying him a bit. but 'coz of the distance, i never indulged in that and we continued to chat online quite regularly that i thought we struck up a proper friendship.

but you're right. this is one friendship where i have to let go. and in fact i probably have since honestly i hadn't even thought of him in years. but it's just that in reconnecting i get all nostalgic and think ahh wouldn't it be nice if we continued being friends.


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