Monday, June 06, 2011

when there's no whisky, beer would do

what i initially thought would have a potentially awkward night, due to an unexpected turn of events, resulted in a rather strange night altogether.

in the week leading up to whisky night, my oldest school friend kept me updated with a few rants that no one from the other side of the group (the swedish guy being a member of that since technically he was our mutual school friend's boyfriend's friend) bothered to even reply to confirm their attendance or non attendance and bout how this was the second time she and her boyfriend were organising it at that group's suggestion and how it was frustrating to have them behave this way.

believe me, i get the frustration. but at the same time, i had my own agenda in trying to find out if the swedish guy would be there without letting on this history i have with him. i couldn't decide if it was better that he wasn't there (so that i could then invite the alpha boy) or if he was (so then i could keep to the story i told the alpha boy on why i wasn't inviting him and catch up with the swedish guy like i intended to).

by the day before, it was fairly obvious that the group gathering would just be a cozy one. come the day itself, i extended the invitation to the alpha boy who by now wasn't bothered in the least if i went by myself. he would have probably gone except that he was feeling too tired out to stay out late and went to hang out with his good friend who lives very near to him. that was when we parted ways.

what was supposed to have been whisky night turned into beer night as my oldest school friend's boyfriend failed to make reservations at the whisky bar and as chance would have it, they were hosting a function that very night. i think this triggered off some tension between the couple and by the time i arrived, she was in one of the worst moods i've seen though she was quick to give a short explanation the minute he was out of earshot, saying that they had a fight where he blamed her for something that wasn't her fault.

unexpectedly, a newly wed (like literally the night before) couple friend of theirs who was initially supposed to join us was having a family dinner right in the microbrewery where we wound up at. after their family left, they invited our table to join them inside for more beer. my oldest school friend told us to go in first and she would soon join us but after a while it was patently obvious that she had decided to just leave. i dropped her a text to ask if she was okay and that ensued in some back and forth texting where she apologised profusely bout just leaving but she really needed time out from her boyfriend.

i made the decision to stay as it would be kinda rude to just up and leave when i had already settled in with a beer. and besides, i started conversing with the female half of the newly wed and she seemed like a lovely girl.

as the night progressed, i wound up chatting with various other people and actually settled quite comfortably with 'em. so even if i feel a tad bit guilty saying it, i did have a great time.


At 11:52 AM, Blogger J said...

Sounds like it was for the better that the old friend left and you could chat with the newlyweds and have a good time. Always awkward when a couple is fighting!!

At 9:31 AM, Blogger jo said...

J: yeah it was slightly awkward even though technically the couple didn't exactly argue in front of me but all that tension wasn't fun. i'm glad that i enjoyed myself in the end anyway though.


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