Monday, June 13, 2011

words that have been used to describe me

i've always been considered sporty. it's funny 'coz i'm naturally lean and even if i didn't do a single exercise at all, i'd probably be just bout as lean.

but i do exercise. up until a few years ago (and my "excuse" now is leg injuries) i was an avid runner. i ran everything from 10Ks to marathons. the craziest thing was that i was never that active in school. but nowadays i'm more familiar with spinning classes and pilates.

and the gym was what we talked bout recently when i was catching up with my post grad friends. but it was not the only thing we talked bout. apparently one of the guys admitted that back when he first met me, he wouldn't have thought it entirely impossible if i were lesbian. even though there is absolutely no indication that i would be.

so apparently i am sporty and also possibly lesbian.

that got me thinking. what bout sexy?

now that has never been a word to describe me. ever. i just don't have it. that certain sexiness that some girls just effortlessly have.

i wish i did. it would be nice to be considered sexy for a change.



At 1:28 AM, Blogger Dobez_Gaga said...

Naturally, my body is that way too. Like, on my arms, theyve always had that defined look and i've always wondered why?? Because lord knows i havent ran anywhere, except to the liquor store on a late night where im craving chocolate--lol in my car!

At 10:24 AM, Blogger jo said...

dobez_gaga: i used to say that i ran... for the bus! haha! well i guess having our kind of body type isn't too bad a thing right? :)


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