Wednesday, August 10, 2011

it's just that it's been so long...

i had lunch with the family and settled into a nearby hotel lobby to dial in for a work conference call despite it not being a work day.

i was half way through what was quickly becoming a rather long call when the alpha boy plonked down beside me as we had arranged to meet. people seated around the hotel lobby moved up and down. and i noticed in particular one oldish looking gentleman being particularly mobile, occassionally seated down diagonally across from me and other times disappearing behind me presumably to the other part of the hotel.

he was gone seemingly for good by the time i finished my call. the alpha boy then informed me that that guy was giving him the evil eye. i was confused. apparently that guy wanted to chat me up.

"but i was on the phone the entire time", i protested, perplexed. you have to understand that it's been a really long while someone has wanted to chat me up, it's almost like i don't read the signs anymore. it's quite sad really.

"he was probably waiting for you to get off the phone", the alpha boy explains. and suddenly it kinda makes sense why he kept sitting down and getting up.

of 'coz the alpha boy returned his evil eye with an more evil eye of his own which can be pretty darn scary. maybe that's why the guy left for good.

i wonder what might have happened if the alpha boy wasn't there. would that guy really have chatted me up? what would he have said?



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