Tuesday, August 02, 2011

i think i have an office crush...

... and it's strange 'coz i've known him for 3 years. and while i can't deny that we probably always had natural chemistry, i never remotely thought i might fancy him. not even bout a year ago when i realised that i adored him as a friend.

for as long as i've been with the company, we've worked on the same projects. it was only a year ago when we started working together more closely and recently, even more so. he was never based in the local office where i worked in and even though he's supposedly based there now, he's always travelling long term and isn't really there. except that since we're currently working very closely on an upcoming project, this means that we do spend a fair bit of time together.

somehow it just naturally works. the 2 of us together. we're great together at work and personally as well. conversation just flows. and you know how i'm such a huge sucker for conversations and effortless rapport of which we have heaps of both.

we're both avid readers, love the same movies and have a certain amount of similarities that it's just so easy to have a lively conversation and tease each other with our similar style of dry humor and wit (of which he admits that it's rare to find someone with my kind of humor). i do enjoy taking the mickey outta people i get along well with. it also helps that he's one person who can talk bout anything under the sun and is full of random information. those who know me well know that i relish in random information.

but of 'coz all this is wildly inappropriate. i mean first of all, i'm attached (though i still maintain, not dead). second of all, he's my co-worker (though that might not actually be too much of a problem in our company). and third of all, he's a whopping 6 years younger...and with his birthday being in september and the youngest one being born in may, this means that he's even younger than the youngest one!

and yet i find myself dreaming of him. literally. it's strange 'coz i can't tell if it's 'coz i work too closely and spend too much time with him. or if it's 'coz he means a lot to me as a friend. or if i just straight up somehow unknowingly along the way recently developed a crush on "wayne rooney".



At 7:03 PM, Blogger Lifebeginsat30ty said...

It's called a 'work-husband' ;) I think it's a natural thing to happen when you spend most of your life in an office with other people rather than at home. Enjoy it for what it is, enjoy his company, and when you go home forget about it and enjoy your partner. The best of both worlds!


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