Monday, September 12, 2011

all the reasons why we're just friends

over the weekend the guinea pig and i decided to catch up for an impromptu movie together. since it was the first time it would be just us and no alcohol involved, i decided to conduct further observations.

and my conclusion was just as i initially thought, he can't be interested in me. and here are the reasons why:

  1. we went dutch

  2. he was very independent, heading to order his food or paying for his drink, all without checking in on me

  3. he has many many female friends who he contacts all the time

  4. he was messaging some of them during the movie (at least that's what i assume 'coz really who messages a guy friend that much during a movie?)

  5. he commented bout how one of the girls in the movie was cute

  6. he said bout how he thought we would be very very good friends

  7. we went our separate ways, he took a taxi back and i took the bus but he didn't walk me to my bus stop

  8. he did not attempt to kiss me (like he successfully did with the other jo's friend)

but we do get along. ultimately i think we have potential... to be good friends. and since i don't have a whole lot of that, it's always nice to have guy friends.



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