Friday, September 09, 2011

something different

it's been quite a week, or rather 2 weeks. it started with my meeting up with swedish guy... and for the rest of that week i was being an uber social butterfly. i did plenty of new things with friends like early morning breakfast at a quaint place, drinks by a mixologist type of bartender in my now new favorite bar, tapas and white wine sangria in what was touted as one of the best tapas places in my area. it was in the tapas place that i also met some new people, including this guy...

we hit it off instantly. i get the feeling that he's like that with everyone. you know how in the tv series drop dead diva, one of owen's friends asks jane is she's a FOO, a friend of owen? that's kinda how i felt with this guy. he's a guinea pig (as what owen called himself), put him together with others and they are instant best buds. right at the tapas dinner, he declared that he would add me on facebook and i honestly didn't think too much of it. the next day he did and we then proceeded to exchange numbers. it's been a week since that tapas night and he's been texting me every day since.

it's no long text conversations, just bits and bobs and mostly bout nothing at all but somehow the other jo who introduced us to begin with (and who had no knowledge that we've been texting each other) asked me after a few days if there was something going on between he and me.

there isn't. he's a guinea pig. but she seemed to think that he might be interested. i guess i can see why she would think that but i'm not sure that's the case.

earlier in the week he asked us out days in advance to join some other couch surfing friends at a hole-in-the-wall bar they always frequent. i had been meaning to join the other jo there one day so i happily agreed. the three of us decided to meet up for drinks at the mixologist bar first.

it was a great night. we were chatting with the mixologist bartender, trying some really different and tasty drinks. and then we headed to the hole-in-the-wall bar. i must admit that after what the other jo said, i decided to observe the guinea pig in his natural habitat a lil more closely.

he really is a friendly guy. sure he may text me but i know he texts a whole lot of other girls as well. he's quite huggy veggy with everyone. but yet seems quite decent and gentlemanly. he pulled out chairs and made sure i was okay when i looked bored while talking to a french guy (while still socialising with everyone, as was i). he was only slightly touchy in a friendly and appropriate way when he hugged me (like he did with everyone), ruffled my hair every now and then (like he did to some others), touched my knee or flicked my chin. but honestly i can't quite tell if he's interested. he could just be like that. besides he is leaving soon to work overseas for 2 years.

for some reason all this started to make me think more than i normally would. i guess the truth is that i also started to find him quite attractive with his great smile and delightful dimples. and more than that, i found his social and friendly nature a refreshing change. and i find myself looking forward to meeting him, even though we only have a week more before he leaves.



At 6:01 PM, Blogger Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I've been reading your posts for a while now, definitely since you started going out with The Alpha Male...I can't help but think that, as lovely as he probably is, he just doesn't seem to "do it" for you.

Could be wrong, after all, all I know is what you post on here. But I dunno, I just get the feeling Alpha Male doesn't make you really really happy... and that you may be getting a bit restless with him?

At 2:45 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Ditto what Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said!

But anywho...this guy sounds a lot like Stalker, who is still hanging around in my life with no commitment. Sigh. Be careful!


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