Tuesday, August 16, 2011

today marks the date that i've been an adult for 10 years

it's kinda weird turning 31, like what i'm doing today. then again i suppose it's weird turning any age. you wonder how did time past that quickly and where did all that time go 'coz you're... omg... aging!

it's a big step when you turn 30 but when you turn 31, it's like the door slams right behind you and you know it's for real, you're in your 30s. of 'coz i said that bout my 20s too... a decade ago. omg... i'm aging! you know what i mean...

the only good thing seems to be the birthday celebrations. though as the years go by it seems that birthday celebrations get more and more sedate. i used to have full on celebrations drinking too much and partying too hard. but now i drink in relative moderation and laugh at someone else making out in the club or dancing too seductively. it's strange.

that's pretty much what happened on friday night. the bestie and her sister were in town and together with another mutual friend, the 4 of us girls went out to paint the town... a pale shade of pink.

sure we barhopped... starting off with a martini in one, then a beer in another, then (omg!) 2 vodkas (there was a one for one promotion) in yet another before finally settling in a club with another vodka where i also added a whisky for old (eeps i'm old!) times sake and in a desperate bid to locate my mojojo which has forsaken me a long time ago. why did i bother 'coz apparently, a lightweight, i'm still not. i was still pretty darn sober by the time all that was done. though to be fair it was in the course of 8 hours. but hey, i was out for 8 hours till later wee hours than i've ever seen in a very long time so that's already some kind of feat on it's own.

but i did have fun. laughing at everyone else having a wild time. and then there were the crazy text conversations with "wayne rooney" who is all the way in another country (okay so really it's just an hour's flight away) having drinks with some people and having his night quickly turn from an easy 2-drink night to a 5-beer-and-3-mojitos-night. of 'coz he only started texting me when the drinks were done and dusted (and downed). i love tipsy texts. and we had a right laugh on monday when he texted again to say that he had just re-read our conversation. good times.

a lot of friday night's and monday's text conversation was him telling me that i should fly 5 hours to celebrate his birthday (which is exactly a month away from mine) with his friends as he heads back to the homeside to mark his 25th birthday. oh to be that young... but admitedly it would be fun though... i've partied with him often enough to know that he's a lot of fun and he's also a decent fella who i feel safe with. i would have considered this a lot more if i didn't already shell out a fairly huge sum for my long 2.5 week vacation last month. is that part of growing up (i.e. old) too? darn!

the rest of my birthday celebrations were even more sedate. the alpha boy and i went out for a drink and dinner on saturday. simple, easy. it was a good time. and my family celebrated for me on sunday.

and here i am today... on the actual day... at work... oh joy.



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