Wednesday, September 14, 2011

are you going to church or to search?

i've always noticed him. usually sitting a few pews diagonally behind me. our eyes have met before and they have even glimmered with a faint tinge of mutual interest in previous times but we never maintained eye contact, seeking instead to pretend like the other person wasn't there.

each week i subconsciously looked out for him. not that i could miss him. it would be hard not to notice him... tall, nicely built with all lean muscles and generally looking pretty darn cute.

this week he sat diagonally in front of me. when we were asked to greet everyone around, he turned round shaking hands with those seated near to me. he started to reach over to me... and subsequently dropped his bottled water with a thud on the floor as it rolled around. he seemed slightly embarrassed, treating us with sheepish smiles all round.

and it was in the smile where he suddenly reminded me of a crush i had in my mid teen years as well as someone, the one i crushed on for forever. i guess some things don't change. that kind of smile still gets me...


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