Tuesday, September 13, 2011

so so so scandalous

there's so much that sometimes you never really know bout someone... until you find out from someone else.

i was wondering if i should tell the other jo that i met up with the guinea pig (even though it was all platonic). somehow i just didn't want her to feel like i "stole" her friend though deep down i know she wouldn't think that at all. in the end i came clean. and what came out was a bunch of interesting stories in an even more interesting conversation.

the other jo: did he try to hit on you?
jo: er... no. told you he wasn't interested. and if he was trying to hit on me then it's bad and i can't tell haha!
the other jo: well he hit on my other friend haha. these men are all desperate.
jo: hahaha! what did he do?
the other jo: he kissed my friend, and made out with her. badddd
jo: hahaha! on the first date? scandalous. so then what did your friend do?
the other jo: i don't think it was a date. he just walked her back to the car.
jo: so what's her response? good?
the other jo: haha, she didn't kiss back. so it was just a peck in the end. but she made out with him the next day. she doesn't like him though. so scandalous! hahaha!
jo: hahaha! even more scandalous! so then what happened after that? oh man i love stories.
the other jo: nothing happened. no sex. he tried booty calling her i think hahaha
jo: hahaha! omg men!!
the other jo: but she was playing him on request of her friend who was played by him. omg these people are so weird!
jo: what the. haha!
the other jo: btw i saw his profile on match :)
jo: hahaha! what's his profile name? and tell me bout your friend's friend who got played
the other jo: didn't hear much. it's a friend of a friend of a friend who got played. i think he's *insert name of the guinea pig's profile on match*
jo: pity you don't have the story there
the other jo: i don't know but he played her. but i know he is also desperate. my friend is a player but she's now being played by another guy too
the other jo: omg this whole dating thing is messed up

and i rest my case.

dating really is messed up. there's a whole bunch of really strange things going on out there that in the end is ultimately just plain exhausting.

*disclaimer: i don't really think the making out was all that scandalous per se. people have been known to make out on the first date or even before there's any date or even if there's no date ever. i have been one of those such people :) the whole point of this was just to say how difficult dating is when you don't know what the other person is really and truly feeling.

**fyi: and of 'coz i checked out his match profile haha! interesting how as a 31 year old man, he's looking for someone within the age range of 22 - 28. maybe it's just me but a 31 year old looking for a 22 year old is a wee bit gross for me. add that to the growing list of why he can't be interested in me, i'm his age, hence too old. pfft.

***btw: the guinea pig was intending to be around my workplace and so we planned to meet for lunch. and to quote the message that he sent right after, lunch was fun. we had serious conversations and hilarious conversations that actually made me laugh till i cried. good time.



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