Saturday, March 04, 2006

i just got deleted...

some months ago i met this texan guy in the club where he proclaimed that he was a shy guy and soon after was planting a wet one on me. in the next few days, we exchanged a few text messages and tried to arrange to meet up but it didn't seem to work out 'coz of his work. so then he invited me for some mid-week partying with some of his friends in the same club that we met. somehow i didn't feel the sincereity nor thought that this was any date so i invited my party girls along as well to have some fun. in the end we wound up having a whole bunch of international guys with us and not-so-shy texan was mostly with his friends.

i can't really remember what happened but generally he was being annoying. and on another occasion when my party girls went to that same club in the mid-week, he was there and asked my party girl for her number. she didn't give it to him and i didn't care for him.

a few days later he texted me saying that he saw my party girl and asked if we could meet for dinner. at that moment my brit guy friend was just in town and i wanted to save some time to meet him before he left so not-so-shy texan suggested that i call him when i was free. yeah well i didn't. so this was the text that i just got:

not-so-shy texan: wow never heard from you... guess you forgot or can't be bothered! hehehe... ok i just delete your number... see you around sometime

jo: oops sorry i forgot... it's been kinda crazy lately...

i never got a reply. whatever. i guess i didn't call him 'coz in part things did get crazy busy and in another part i couldn't quite be bothered 'coz he had this ability to annoy me at times.

i guess i sorta find it funny that he deleted me.

on friday i went out with some church friends that i hardly ever meet or even know all that well. but it was real fun to be out with 5 other girls.

later i met my oldest school friend, her guy friend and his friends for partying. that ruined my nite. i didn't like the club, the crowd or the music. i was entirely bored. and there were so many things that annoyed me. including the stupid, ungentlemanly things that the group of guys did.

i just got disillusioned with men.

later prick04 joined my oldest school friend, her guy friend and i for supper. his indecisiveness before the actual decision annoyed me. he's quite a strange one. even my oldest school friend agrees.

i really should have just stuck to hanging out with just the girls.



At 9:14 PM, Blogger Vixen said...

LOL, this happens to me quite frequently. Not the getting deleted part (ok once in a blue moon that happens!), but just having so much on my plate that I don't have time to cater to all these spoiled lil boys running around.

I don't think he was fully interested and is just trying to shift the blame to you. Because if he was totally digging you and wanted to get closer, he would have made stronger moves even though you did have company (your friends/internationals) at the party. Also, in the days after that, he would have done more than just TEXTING you. Obviously he knows your number...what's so hard in picking up the phone to say, "Hey Jo, when are we going to hang out one on one?" Sheesh.

Don't take it personally sweets. He is shy, but even shy guys know how to get what they want.

I'm glad you have such a funfilled life!

At 8:53 AM, Blogger snob in the city said...

Don't be insulted by the delete. If you really liked the guy (deep down inside) you would have found time to not be so busy.

And he is uber lame for telling you that he deleted you. As if you were all of a sudden going to call him and start begging to get together.



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