Tuesday, April 11, 2006

'accessing' the girlfriend

over the weekend, i was called upon by the yummy mommy to 'access' scottish beer man's new girlfriend. we didn't even know that he had a girlfriend. he has had a number of girls hanging around him but we hadn't heard of an actual girlfriend until now.

she's from indonesia and was in town for the week. and while scottish beer man stayed true to his usual type of darker skinned asian girls, the girlfriend was slightly different. i've seen some of the girls he hangs out with. they're pretty hot. the girlfriend, not so. she was cute in her own way though. seemed like a nice and sweet girl.

later we were all in the club dancing when this older guy dancing nearby tried to pull the girlfriend to dance. it wasn't in a sleazy way. it was more like the older guy was just having fun dancing. and i must say he displayed some pretty nifty footwork for a older guy (he was like probably late 40s or so). the girlfriend ran away and screamed. i mean it. she literally screamed. i was stunned and tried to make sure she was okay. i'm surprised 'coz surely being from jakarta, she's met more scary people than that. and it's not like she doesn't party either 'coz she met scottish beer man in a club. so why the scream? anyhow scottish beer man didn't even react and so the yummy mommy came to the rescue by dancing with the older guy instead. and later i wound up dancing with him too. he so isn't sleazy. he just twirled me around during the entire song. i was more dizzy than disrespected.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger Texas Cinderella said...

i hate it when people's girlfriends suck and you have to act like they are awesome!


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