Wednesday, March 29, 2006

all in a day's work

today was one of 'em great work days. that is if you call half a day spent at a tobacco launch, work. but it was supposed to be. though what i had was fun fun fun.

some other colleagues were invited as well including out of office eye candy and karaoke unlikely guy. out of office eye candy was being really friendly. he came and talked to me and we shared lil inside jokes. he touched my knee. he asked me to join him and karaoke unlikely guy while taking a pic. basically our rapport thing was full strength. but yes, i do believe the cutie still has a girlfriend...

karaoke unlikely guy was a lil more uptight but we still did manage to enjoy some pretty good conversation.

somehow throughout the launch, i was in my full sparkle mode, smiling and laughing away. it didn't hurt that our key account executive of our supplier is one cute guy. so maybe it might be wrong and somewhat unprofessional to be attracted to a supplier, but i can't help it. especially when he's cute and single (or at least not married). besides when i left, he shook my hand and gave me a wink. pity i don't see him all that much.

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At 11:02 AM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

Oh man, makes me wish for more hotties at work!

At 11:17 AM, Blogger The Eternal Freshman said...

Snap! Sounds like you were "on" today. You've got opportunities a plenty.


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