Tuesday, March 14, 2006

time makes all the difference

sunday nite i was at the height of almost wanting to contact prick04. and what a difference a day makes 'coz by last nite, i was totally over that feeling. and now i'm just indifferent bout it all. which in murphy's law probably means that he'll contact me or something haha!

yesterday i received a text from a guy who i honestly didn't expect to hear from. a few months ago i texted scottish cat man and he never replied. so in my typical style, i audited him out from my phone book. when i received the text from an unknown number, i didn't really know who it was though i had my suspicions. apparently he had been overseas. he hasn't mentioned anything bout meeting up so i'll just leave it as that. we had previously only met up once and had a few almost meetings. on our lone meeting up, scottish cat man and i really hit it off and had a great time. but somehow we just couldn't quite find the time to meet up again.

sometimes it's kinda sad. you think you've met someone who you actually have a good connection with. but then things don't really work out that way. and i'm not even talking bout romance wise but even as just friends. i would definitely have loved to get to know scottish cat man better. but for now i'm done with trying to work at it. the ball is in his court.

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