Thursday, April 06, 2006

let's have a long distance relationship

why is it that IMs with this particular guy friend of mine in australia are always weird?

since the last time when he implied that i had poor personality and character 'coz i wasn't whiny enough, he seems to be IMing me more... like recently. apparently i'm not just a benchmark for his single status, i'm also a source of entertainment. a cure for boredom...

guy: borrrrreeeedddddd
jo: haha!
guy: what bout you?
jo: pretty busy...
guy: yeah me too but bored
jo: i know what you mean

and of 'coz he has to mention relationships...

guy: get into a relationship then
jo: what?? haha!

then he shocked me with a proposition...

guy: let's have a long distance relationship
jo: i thought you said that i'm not whiny enough?
jo: besides how does a long distance relationship cure boredom?
guy: as friends... duhhhh
guy: got you

jo: if it's as friends, we already have a long distance 'relationship'
jo: wow! i'm so relieved...

he's strange. but he's mildly entertaining... as long as he isn't suggesting any relationship, long distance or otherwise.



At 1:54 AM, Blogger Denny said...

don't complain... at least your getting IMs! lol I'm single, have IM and I get nothing! zilch! I try talking and sending msgs to myself! lol

At 3:43 AM, Blogger Downtown said...

Having been in a LDR, I can tell you - it isn't worth it. You are fooling yourself into thinking you are actually getting to know the person better, when all you are acutally doing is racking up a serious phone bill and frequent flyer miles.

LDR work, if you can have a boy-toy close to home.

At 6:52 PM, Blogger dianne_lone said...

i have a long distance relationship with my bf i met through webdate. Its just a matter of being in love with your partner that makes long distance relationship work.


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