Saturday, March 18, 2006

no luck of the irish

so prick04 hasn't contacted me since that mid-week kissing nite. and i've just bout pushed all the thoughts outta my mind. but then i had to be reminded bout it... by my oldest school friend no less.

yes, she knows. and i didn't tell her. i probably wouldn't even have told her 'coz i'm not one to be open like that. in fact none of my 'real life' friends know. prick04 was the one who told her. which means that he's been in contact with her since while he fails to even contact me. how ridiculous is that?


it was st patty's day yesterday and i had no luck of the irish.

i went partying with my party girls which is always fun. i ran into a guy that i met before. previously we had a lil flirtation thing going on. we continued the lil flirtation thing. but i was also chatting with another guy, an australian.

in the end we left the irish pub and hit a few other clubs. this french guy came up to me and we started talking and dancing and he asked for my email address which i gave him. interesting. i've never had a guy ask for my email address instead of my phone number before.

after he left, i wound up talking to a new yorker sitting next to me. he was cute. i can't remember what he looks like, but he was cute. and nice biceps haha!

so no luck of the irish but it was a good fun nite.

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