Tuesday, March 28, 2006

an email to prick04

so i started an email to prick04... but let's not all rush to kill me...

i'm sorta over the shock and over him but i still feel like maybe i need some closure. i thought that perhaps writing an email would help me to say my piece... and have my peace.

it wasn't meant to be a harsh email, yelling at him bout how he hurt me and how distrustful i am of him now. it's just meant to be an honest email. i have so many thoughts running in my mind but when it comes to actually vocalising any of 'em, i just clam up.

despite everything that has happened, when i was sorta done being pissed off, i just felt sad for him. i think he has the potential to be a better person, meant for more than this. but he just got so screwed up along the way. this does not mean that he's right for me. it has nothing to do with me and him. he's burnt that bridge. maybe i'm just trying to save the world.

but all the same, after i started that email, i felt better. maybe i might just pretend that i sent it to him instead of actually sending it. if that doesn't make me feel better, pretending that it's his face i'm kicking and punching in my bodycombat class helps.



At 1:17 AM, Blogger Vixen said...

I would save the email and send it once I'm out of Fake closure. I'm totally with you on the 'saving the world' thing, I try doing that with every guy I date with alarming regularity. For the most part, I've left them better than they were.

Moving on is the hardest thing, we all know that...and yet sometimes we just want to cling to the hurt.

Here's to Moving on and getting an Upgrade.



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