Monday, April 03, 2006

weekends are made of these

it was one of those crazy weekends. where i slept too late, got up too early and generally had to be everywhere.

on friday nite i met one of my party girls aka the yummy mommy and another guy friend scottish beer man (not to be confused with scottish cat man) for dinner at this pub that we frequent. and who should i run into but not-so-shy texan. we were rather friendly. stopping to chat and all that. he was even all like "i'll call you" and "you call me". er... didn't you just text me a month back that you were deleting my number?

anyway after a rushed pizza dinner, the yummy mommy, scottish beer man and i made our way to another club for comedy nite. we lucked out free entries through the boss of the pub. comedy nite was great. very funny. later my other party girl joined us to party. unfortunately it wasn't much of a party 'coz the music was crap.

saturday nite proved to be a rather impromptu kinda crazy. some friends asked me out partying and i agreed since the nite before was rather disappointing. we went to a place that's not usually my style but i was fuelled enough to really get my groove on and have fun. of 'coz the having fun part somehow included this friend of my friend's bf. a young guy. like 4 years younger.

it's rather ironic. 'coz us girls had just been talking earlier bout how we didn't understand why apparently this guy has had a number of girls picking him up 'coz we didn't think he was cute. oh well as the beer (or rather vodka) goggles set in, i found him getting cuter. and i have no idea what happened but suddenly navy boy (let's call him that) and i started talking and dancing closely and holding hands. it was hilarious. before i left, he asked me if i knew his name. oops. i didn't. though he knew mine. we exchanged numbers and he gave me a peck on the cheek and i was outta there.

i still maintain that navy boy isn't my type. and he's definitely too young. not that i mind younger guys... i mean i've gone out with a number of younger guys before... but i don't think he's mature enough. but he does seem nice though. we'll see if he calls. but it doesn't matter if he doesn't.

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At 12:01 AM, Blogger Vixen said...

My reader picked up your titled, Let's Have a long distance relationship...but I couldn't read it. What happened?


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